Soil microorganisms are the most abundant of all the flora in soil and responsible for driving nutrient and organic matter cycling, soil fertility, soil restoration, plant health and ecosystem primary production.

How Does BIO-MAX Work?

BIO-MAX works to improve plant growth and soil health in three ways:

Plant Growth Production

Increasing plant nutrient availability. This is accomplished by helping plants convert more nutrients that would be previously unavailable to them by converting these nutrients into plant available forms of energy from their hosts.

Plant Health

Beneficial microbes help to create a healthy plant environment by producing metabolites that support plant health.

Soil Re-balance

With the consistent use of herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, pesticides, and other farm management ingredients the natural soil micro-flora can be effected. The use of BIO-MAX can help re-balance the beneficial micro population.


  • Re-population of natural soil micro-flora
  • Improvement of soil quality and soil health
  • Improved nutritional uptake efficiency by breakdown of fertilizers into plant available components
  • Improved root health benefits
  • Providing fatty acid production at root zone
  • Available as part of the IRRI-MAX drip line system or stand alone
  • Cost effective