Agri-Flow believes that all irrigation water is not the same. While there are many similar issues and challenges in keeping your irrigation system operational to original design specifications, we believe in providing farmers with a tailored solution. This solution is based on testing and monitoring of water quality starting at the well, but just as important, downstream. To meet these constantly changing challenges where different water quality issues occur, we have developed IRRI-MAX as a unique and powerful natural dispersant formulation. IRRI-MAX provides reduced emitter clogging and improved water flow. IRRI-MAX is a concentrated formulation, continually injected into your mainline irrigation. It is automated to operate at pump start and injects the entire irrigation event. Because of this extremely concentrated formula, typical dosing becomes very economical.


Water quality can be one of the major potential clogging factors in all low volume irrigation systems. Also, because of the extended life of subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) these issues can produce a scale, slime or similar impediments in the system. When these issues occur, systems will see reduced emitter flows, a reduction in overall flow rates, increased system water pressure, increased pumping hours, which increases energy costs and reduces plant production rates. IRRI-MAX is uniquely formulated using new chelation and sequestering technologies with natural dispersants to make this a problem of the past.